Mid-Week Inspiration: Controlling Your Mind

It’s not quite hump day but I wanted to provide some inspiration to our readers just because of the incredible experiences I have had over the past few days. God has truly shown me the power of patience, persistence, and hard work while relying on Him.

Yesterday was the ultimate test of my patience. Not even just that but God is developing my mind so that in potentially flustering moments, I am not defeated. Rather I am fueled and motivated to push harder. And that extra push has produced amazing results. There was a time in my life when I was so easily disappointed. I would become overwhelmed by the everyday ups and downs and let it get the best of my mind. But now I process that energy in a completely different manner. Rather than viewing bad situations as speed bumps, I receive them as learning tools; part of the process of development and character-building that make me the woman I am today. Nobody truly wakes up like this (not even Beyoncé) and sees exactly who they want to be. It takes growth and conditioning to accomplish a wholeness of self.

I love international gospel teacher Joyce Meyer because she is so real in her teachings. She has a book and series titled Battlefield of the Mind. I read that book as a teenager because the mind was something I certainly was in constant battle with. I could be in the best mood and a sour emotion would take over me for no apparent reason. I can finally say that I have control over my mind. I have tapped into this peace that surpasses all understanding that only my God can provide.

 4Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:4-7

Ahh, that is my favorite scripture. Why? Because it has been so relevant to my life. I know what it is to struggle with depression, sadness, and frustration that seems beyond one’s control. But I am a sure witness that you do have control over every thought that comes to your mind. You have the ability to take captive all negativity that enters into you and cast it into the sea of forgetfulness.

The key to doing so, first is to build a relationship with God. He is the master controller of all things in your life. He also is omnipotent meaning He has all power. As a believer in Him, you have access to that power because He lives within you. By teaming up with the creator of the universe, you now have the ability to do all things—including not sweating the small stuff. The next key is to do just that, look at obstacles as small steppingstones to your destiny. Every person that has accomplished great things has had to endure great feats. Otherwise they would not be able to appreciate what is before them. Lastly, choose to use each situation to make a better you. Discover why you had to endure hardship and use it to develop your character and heighten your drive. There is no thing too hard for you to overcome so figure out what God is showing you and run with it.

Be encouraged to stop letting negativity overwhelm you. Embrace the hard times because they won’t last long if you do not dwell on them. Dream big and pursue those dreams. Be careful who you share your visions with and do not allow even the slightest negative opinion to discourage your pursuit. Be you because no one can do that better.

-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative

Shad ‘Bow Wow’ Moss on Larry King Now: “Bow Wow Is Someone Who Is Totally Different From Shad Moss”


Mr. Shad Moss aka Lil Bow Wow aka Bow showed he is all grown up during a recent interview with Larry King. He is now going by his government name to match his professional persona:

“The main thing… was branding. Bow Wow is someone who is totally different from Shad Moss. When I do my acting thing I never wanted people to say that he got this role because he’s a popular rap star. I wanted people in Hollywood to respect the fact that no, this young man got this role because he really can do it.”

The former 106 & Park host explained why the 14-year running BET video show went off the air:

“The reason why 106 went off is just the era that we’re in now. When music is concerned with tv, these kids are like ‘Why do I have to watch television when I can go online and I can see my favorite artist’s video like this [snaps finger].’ So it became a demand thing and kids being able to have access to things that they want in a second.”

Very well said, Shad. The rapper turned actor also spoke about his new role on CSI: Cyber which he landed after auditioning during a commercial break on 106, his summer wedding with reality star fiancé Erica Mena, and the launch of his new NDI vodka.

While Shad’s career is taking off as an actor and entrepreneur, he is sticking to his hip-hop roots. He stated that he has a song dropping at the end of the month with his uncle Snoop called “Can’t Wait.” He is also still kicking it with Jermaine Dupri who was on set of Larry King with him. 

I have to say that Mr. Moss did an outstanding job handling his own with Larry King. He definitely is showing that he has was it takes to become a hip hop mogul. I have been impressed with Bow’s acting ability since Like Mike. I think he is a natural born actor and has the ability to go far in his career. If only he could leave Love & Hip Hop groupies stars alone:-/

Watch excerpts from the interview below.


Relationships Corner: Keep It To Yourself

I get it. Everybody’s different. But I often wonder why. What makes people so different from me? I feel like the majority of the world is okay with being hurtful, demeaning, and just flat out rude. We live in a society that believes that you have to fight to get what you want by any means necessary; where it’s cool to lie to your brother to con some cash out of him; it’s okay to sleep with the secretary and then go home and screw your wife. Being a conniving, deceitful person is the norm and to be expected. And it’s sickening.

My eyes were opened to this reality today as I had to get myself in check. I found myself lashing the same behavior on others that was lashed on me. People feel the need to crush the goals of others when they do not comprehend them. I found myself doing the same thing recently. If I did not foresee validity in someone’s vision, I would verbalize it; something I’d never done. As if I have anything to do with what goes on in their mind. As if I have any right to question what could possibly be God sent.

I had this wake up call today in speaking with someone that I love dearly. Their tone with me felt very negative and I was hurt by it. While I credit this pain to my oversensitivity, I could not help the “forget the world” response that ran through my heart. I was saddened to the point of tears and not wanting to ever discuss any part of my life with people, even especially those, close to me.

People don’t understand your excitement regarding whatever it is that drives you. God hasn’t placed the same vision in them so how can we expect them to? This is the reason we cannot share everything. Some things are meant to be kept to yourself. Learning to bite your tongue goes against everything in human nature. We are sharers. We like to share our life events, we like to gossip, we like to talk. But words can be harmful. Talking too much can result in diarrhea of the mouth leaving the feeling of regret and sorrow.

And now that I recognize the disloyalty of people, I don’t want to talk to anybody. Dramatic as it may seem, I do not want to discuss my feelings, my dreams, my hopes with the likes of anyone. Men keep their emotions bottled up forever and they tend to be much happier than us sensitive females. And I have found that’s what works for me as well. It’s what allows us to easily let things go rather than harboring onto past hurts. It’s what keeps us sane. We are always going to have to deal with people and people are ultimately going to hurt us at some point if around them enough. So why not make it easier on ourselves and deal with issues on our own, without the assistance of the person on the other end of the phone? Suck it up and deal with life.
-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative

Fashion Buzz: Athleisure Trend

0cb18025a34aa71c406caeda078002daThe new buzz in fashion is athleisure. You’re probably thinking, “What in the world is that?”  Athleisure is a new trend for gals like me, too lazy to put much effort in an outfit but desiring to be fashionable and cute!  It’s the gym-to-office work look that’s stylish enough to put on a bold lip and heels and roll out for a night with the ladies! 

I was overwhelmingly excited to see this athleisure trend become so popular. Even designer clothing store Net-a-porter added a new retail channel dedicated to “sportswear that is as chic as everything else in your closet.” What a sigh of relief right?!

Yeah I’m that girl that will wear legging/jeggings everywhere. It’s kind of cliche that leggings have found their niche into everyday fashion considering many fashionistas frown upon “loungewear” in public.

Let’s think about it….when’s the last time you wore a pair of jeans that were comfortable or fit your body like a glove? When is the last time we had a pair of jeans that fit our thick thunder thighs, or weren’t so long we were forced to wear a pair of heels, or were just flat out unflattering? Oh, just me?  Oh okay….I’m a little thick, fit, and petite 5’1″ female and I have the darnedest times finding jeans that fit perfectly. 

Fashion is being comfortable while living everyday life.  Fashion is feeling confident in your outfit even when you’re running late and had to quickly throw something together. You don’t have time to stuggle with a pair of jeans to later worry about your crack guest appearing throughout the day.  Get you a pair of leggings and viola!  Hello perfect fit…where have you been all my life?! Sneaking up on me giving me that perfect waistline and booty pop! 

There’s so many styles and designs to choose from!  What do you think? Would you prefer jeans over leggings/jeggings?

Take a look at a few outfits that I absolutely love!


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-Madelyn Monroe

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ATL 2: Rashad and New New Are Back!!!


Almost a decade after the 2006 hood classic ATL hit the big screen, TI confirms the ATL sequel in an Instagram post with the caption “#ATL2 Get Ready.”  Chris Robinson, the director of the film is back on board adding “#ATL WAS A CLASSIC.  #ATL2 WILL BE LEGENDARY.” Robinson can be seen directing a scene with original cast members Jackie Long, Jason Weaver, and Albert Daniels in TI’s IG post.

The original film was based on the experiences of T-Boz of TLC and music producer Dallas Austin growing up in Atlanta, GA. T.I. also snapped a pic with the infamous New New played by Lauren London so we already know this sequel will give us all the sass and class we appreciated from the first film.

Other stars of the film included Big Boi of Outkast, Evan Ross, Tasha Smith, Khloe Kardashian’s bestie Malika Haqq and her twin sister Khadijah.

I hope for a full cast return and the same black love story that had us yearning for more Rashad and New New rocking all the new new sh*t. Oh and we can’t forget Big Booty Judy!!!

Remember this clip from the ATL? That breakup scene was heartbreaking!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! What was your favorite scene?

-Madelyn Monroe

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