#TBT 90’s Classic Throwbacks


While your IG newsfeed is being flooded with #tbt photos of your girlfriends in pigtails and leg warmers, Disclosed is using this beautiful September Thursday to take you back to some of our favorite moments of yesteryear. The fashion, the music, and the entertainment of the past is where we have some of our fondest memories. For today’s Throwback Thursday we are throwing it back to the decade I know best, the nineties.

Diddy aka P. Diddy aka Puff Daddy and his Bad Boy roster ran the airwaves in the 90’s. From Total to Faith Evans to Ma$e, they created the hits that we popped into our cassette player (yes I said cassette player) and walkmans. But my favorite Bad Boy group was 112. One of the original 90’s boy bands in my book (after Boyz II Men of course), they brought us hits like “Cupid” and “Only You.”

The style from back then, much of which is making a comeback, was all about baggy jeans, oversized sweat suits, and bulky sneakers. At three years old, my mom dressed me up in the cutest outfit for a picture I took in 1990 with Olan Mills photography. I was all pink everything in a puffy cotton sweat suit, turtleneck, leg warmers, and white on white high-top Reebok classics sitting pretty in a wicker chair (you all remember those 90’s wicker chairs. I’m sure your auntie had one in her sunroom). Oh and you can’t forget the foot strap leggings keeping you oh so warm in the winter.


Now let’s talk about tv and film. Totally as if! Cher and Dionne (Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash) made us feel so fetch in their 1995 box office hit Clueless. Soon after it became a small screen success with three seasons of the bougie high school kids we adored. I had all of the Clueless books and those fuzzy pens that made me feel like the coolest girl in class.

Do you remember the ORIGINAL crochet braids? I begged and begged my Mama for this hairstyle so she pulled out a crochet needle and made it happen. Me and my closest friends all had themcrochet and we called ourselves the Brady Bunch (corny I know).

The 90’s was the last decade of pure fun without technology glued to our hips. I just remember being a kid without a care in the world jamming to TLC while waiting for the latest episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to come on my 13-inch tv/vcr combo. Share your reminiscent moments in the comment section below.

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative

Relationships Corner: Can We Share Success?

Nicki Minaj

We, humans have deep insecurities. Even the loud, seemingly confident female boss has internal issues she must deal with. There is so much competition amongst us, especially within the black community. Everyone wants to flaunt how much they have. Why? Because we feel like a failure if we don’t have a house with eight bedrooms and a selection of cars to choose from for each day of the week? It’s silly and very high school to brag about what we have, belittling those with less in the process.

Men deal with insecurities just as much as females. There used to be a man code that you didn’t mess with another guy’s lady. Now they’re singing, “If your girl come close to me, she ain’t going home where she post to be.” I can’t lie that Omarion, Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko collab was my jawn this summer, but if you listen to the lyrics of songs like this and countless others flooding the radio, men have become just as backstabbing as women are stereotyped to be.

We are all trying to show that we don’t need each other and that we’re “balling out of control” on our own. But the fact is we do need each other. If it wasn’t so, God would have left Adam on earth alone. But instead, He gave him Eve and instructed him to, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground” [Genesis 1:28]. God has given us all of this power but we waste it on obtaining material things rather than developing relationships and using our gifts and talents to strengthen this beautiful universe that God created.

An area of division that really bothers me is within the music world, specifically among black artists. There is room for so many to be successful. There is enough money for all talented musicians to get it. But in attempt to produce “hard” or confident lyrics, we are focused on keeping what we have all to ourselves. Society is stimulated by controversy and hostility (that’s the reason certain ratchet reality shows remain so popular). We grade rap beefs based on who hit harder, who wrote the most hurtful verse in pursuit of another artist’s demise. Ja Rule, one of the most popular rappers in my adolescent years, was the laughing stock when 50 Cent came and seemingly “ended” his career. Why is this celebrated? Why can’t we all join forces to make something beautiful? Why do we have to ruin others for our own upward climb?

We have it hard enough in America without tripping each other to make one fall. Look at the Oscar’s or Grammy’s or even the VMA’s. There are hundreds of talented artists who go unrecognized because they don’t fit the mold that American society has shaped. However, these are the very musicians, actors, producers, etc. that our community admires. If we can’t love and support each other, sadly no one else will. It is up to us to place the spotlight on those who are making a difference or have remarkable talent rather than point out each other’s flaws. There is plenty of room at the top for us all to enjoy if we stop blocking one another and rejoice in everyone’s success.

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative

“Thumbs Up: You’re Going to Be Okay”

thumbs up

I wrote this entry in my journal this morning and thought it might be worth a share. I was awakened to an experience from God in the midst of a hardship that I believe the enemy wanted to use to get me off track, but due to keeping a sound mind, God used it to bless me. Be encouraged.

I have to thank God for taking care of me. It’s funny how whenever I open my journal to write, I gaze at the previous entry and it relates to what I have to say that day. My last entry was about a Joyce Meyer sermon I watched on taking care of the body and the overall importance of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. You never fully appreciate feeling well until you experience the opposite. Yesterday around 3am I went to the emergency room because my head was in excruciating pain. I’ve dealt with migraines and bad headaches in past years but had never felt anything quite like this before. After 12 hours passed with the same headache and pain reliever just not working, I decided to go to the hospital.

Now we all know that ER experiences can be hit or miss. Sometimes it seems that the overnight staff wishes they could be home sleep and seemingly takes it out on patients and guests. But when I got to the door there was a nice security guard who pointed me in the right direction and encouraged me, “feel better.” When I got to the lobby there was surprisingly no one waiting and I was seen within minutes.

Then came the nurses, not as friendly or communicative as the security guard but at the point all I cared about was getting this pitchfork out of my temples so I decided not to be bothered. The doctor informed me that there was nothing serious going on with me and that the headache could have been a combination of stress, hormones, etc. He gave me some medicine that gradually reduced the pain and advised me to take a day to rest with no computers, tv, cell phone, etc. And that is exactly what I did. I was home by 5:30am, fell asleep by 6:00am and did not wake up until 2:30pm. Best sleep I’ve had in months!

While in ER, the secretary came in with my paperwork. I told her that I really liked her top and necklace (she had on this cute turquoise chiffon blouse with a turquoise and peach statement piece). I asked her for a blanket and crackers. She came right back with the blanket and wrapped it around me. After asking the nurses if I could eat, she brought me two packs of crackers, peanut butter, yogurt, and juice; more than I could eat but the gesture made me feel cared for. In addition, the security guard from earlier walked past my room, gave me a thumbs up and said, “You’re going to be okay.”

Although I was in a hospital “by myself,” God embraced me as His child and reminded me that He never leaves me alone. He is always right there, sending His angels to walk past my room and assure me that I am okay, to wrap a warm blanket around me and provide me food to eat. He was behind the wheel as I drove and He was in the medicine that relieved my headache.

I encourage you to be kind to people. You never know the effect of your kind words or polite gesture. You may be the only sense of family that person has in that moment. You may be the determining factor of whether that person decides to give up or not. Choose your words and actions wisely and be the light that you were created to be in a dark world.

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative

Swag Out Your Small Space!!!

Studio Apartment

Living in a small space and making it home requires a little tender loving care. Studio or tiny apartments, dens, and family areas can be just as snazzy as large homes with the right decor. Start off by identifying your color scheme sticking to 3-4 colors with varying patterns. This method will help create an organized space that appeals to the eye. Accentuate large furniture pieces with throw pillows (lots and lots of throw pillows: you can barely see my bed or couch due to this petite obsession), vases, flower arrangements, and lamps. Adorn bare walls with eclectic art pieces and beautiful decorative frames.

It may seem impossible but you can maximize the space you have to meet your needs. If no room for a desk, create an office corner consisting of a bean bag and lap desk for personal business use. Outline your room with larger furniture to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Check out the Pinterest pictures below of studios and other small living areas for inspiration for your space. Share your own pics on Instagram by tagging #discloseddesigns. A house is not a home without a lot of love and a little swag.

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative