Mid-Week Inspiration: Kirk Franklin- It Would Take All Day

I just need to share my love with an amazing Savior who loved me so much that He died to save my life from the sin that I fall into!  He’s greater than any friend on this earth because no matter what I do, His love never changes.  He holds no record of my wrongs. 

Billions of people make requests of Him and call on Him everyday, yet He still makes time for me.  It’s amazing, incredible to me!

Society gives us a tainted perception of what life is all about.  Our main goals include career, marriage, and children.  While relationships are important because that is how we express God’s love here on earth, these goals are not our main priority. 

We need to establish a relationship with God so that we know His behavior, His purpose, and His plans for our individual lives.  That is how we can be most effective in reaching His lost which is what we’re here for anyway.

I know we’re all busy between work, family, church, and personal lives.  I am very guilty of putting my fleshly desires before my will to please God.  But we make time to catch our favorite tv shows, we make time to see our favorite entertainer in concert, what’s 15 minutes to an hour of your day to spend time with the one who always makes time for you?  The one who ensures your safety each second of each day; the one who gave you life and has promised you eternal life if you simply receive Him as your Lord and Savior.

You can start out small.  Access a daily devotional.  You can get the Daily Bread for free and now with androids and smartphones, there’s an app for everything.  Download YouVersion, a Bible app, onto your phone and search for daily devotionals that suit you.  Just a small spiritual passage can take you a long way.  Once you’ve received a powerful word, sow it into someone else.  The key to being blessed is being a blessing to others.

Ultimately, God wants an intimate relationship with you.  He wants to be so close to you that He can give you revelations that will make life so much easier.  He wants to give you access to all of His riches, but you have to do one simple thing.  Take the time to get to know Him.  Believe me, it will be worth your while.

-Renée Nicole

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