American Idol Judges ‘Save’ Jessica Sanchez From Elimination

It took two seconds for Jennifer Lopez and the other American Idol judges to snatch the mic from contestant, Jessica Sanchez during her “save” performance and deliver her from elimination.

Last night I was in awe of America’s selection of the bottom three contestants. Joshua Ledet had a killer, if not the best, performance of the previous night; Elise Testerone is an Idol favorite and sixteen-year-old Jessica is the best contestant on the show hands down.

So when Jessica’s name was called as the contestant being sent home, you can understand everyone’s shock including J-Lo, Randy Jackson, and Steven Tyler.

As the contestant with the lowest votes, Jessica was given the opportunity to sing in hopes that the judges would use their one save of the season to save her from elimination.

Jessica has been proclaimed one of the best voices in America (as Randy so nonchalantly stated last night) and the judges rightfully protected her from trailing back to her hometown of San Diego.

I can’t help but wonder if events such as this are planned for ratings purposes. There is no way that America voted so poorly for such a powerhouse teenaged vocalist such as Jessica. I don’t believe the hype! But Idol has done their job because I will certainly be tuned in next week to see the results of this catastrophe.

-Renée Nicole

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