Remembering LEFT EYE 10 Years Later

Exactly 10 years ago I was sitting in Earth Science class at Joppatowne High School listening to my friend’s portable radio playing TLC records due to the breaking news of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ death. Being the same school year as the death of soulful princess Aaliyah, the young hip hop community was hit hard.

Now we celebrate a life taken from this earth but never forgotten by the many who connected with Left Eyes through her music, her quirky personality, and her funky style.

Left Eye, who was killed in a tragic car crash in Honduras at the age of 30, was known as the bold-versed rapper in the 90’s girl group TLC. Although her vocals remained in the background, she stood out with her exuberant personality and the condom often worn over her eye.

Left Eye left a lasting impression on the music world that remains with us all! My favorite TLC song of all time is “Diggin on You.” What’s your’s?

Check out their video “Waterfalls.”

-Renée Nicole

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