Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Hold Hands & Pose For Family Photo

Now normally I wouldn’t do this (post media-attention whore nonsense) but they asked for it so I’mma give it to em. There’s been much speculation over whether Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are an item. After intimate photo releases of the two, they step it up a notch by posing in the above pic of Kardashian couples. The Kardashian fam stepped out last night in NYC’s Meatpacking District to support Kourtney K’s baby-daddy, Scott Disick’s new Japanese restaurant, RYU.

In addition to joining the family pic, Kanye was seen walking into the restaurant hand-in-hand with Kim. I guess this was his initiation into the Kardashian Klan.

Not only does Kim screw up her reputation even more by jumping from wedding bells to divorce to a new beau in a matter of months, but she has to cast the biggest attention-seeker of all to play the role.

I guess Kanye was the only man left willing to make a fool of himself for the sake of publicity.

What do you all think? Could there be “true love” between these two or is it just a hoax to remain relevant?

Btw: Peep Kim K in the Christian Louboutin Unbout’s that Bey and LaLa wore to a recent Knicks game
Photo Credit
-Renée Nicole



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