Amar’e Stoudemire: "In Yo Face" Tyrus Thomas

This has got to be a huge disappointment for the arguably Greatest NBA Player of all time and Charlotte Bobcats’ owner, Michael Jordan to hold the title of having the worst team in the 66-years of NBA history.  Jordan was somewhere tucked away in his luxury suite, head down strategically planning his pick for the upcoming NBA draft.  Can you blame him?!?

The Charolette Bobcats have a record of 7-59 accompanied with a 23-game losing streak after being defeated 104-84 by the Knicks.  Tyrus Thomas’ face was at stake as Stoudemire executed the nastiest dunk to close out the Bobcats’ season.  Stoudemire made Thomas eat both ball and rim during the second quarter of the most BORING game ever…IMO!

Amar’e has made a tremendous comeback this season after missing 19 games due to back injuries and the death of his brother.  Contributing 21 points in their 20 point victory over the Bobcats, Amar’e helped seal the Knicks’ spot in the playoffs. 

The Knicks will play the Miami Heat Saturday, April 28.  I have one suggestion and one suggestion only…KEEP JAMES OUT OF THE PAINT PLEASE!!!  My coaching is done! Thank you!

Check it out.  Did you guys watch the game last night?  What are you thoughts on this NBA
season?  Who would you like to see win the Championship?


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